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The Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Pilot Project

The Project

The Community Based Assisted Decision-Making (CBADM) Pilot Project is a two year project funded by the Government of Manitoba (Department of Families) and delivered by the 120 Maryland Group. The project objectives include developing peer support networks for families, increasing capacity for the use of support networks, motivating the use of community-based assisted decision-makers and assisted decision-making, and reducing reliance on the Public Guardian and Trustee.

The 120 Maryland Group

The 120 Maryland Group is a collaboration of 5 community-based organizations consisting of:

The Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Pilot Project is funded by the Government of Manitoba, Department of Families.

Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Works


Peer Support Networks

Peer Support networks are the relationships parents, family members and unpaid caregivers pull into their lives in an intentional way. Peer support networks are developed to give understanding, empathy, guidance and support to those who love and care for an individual with an intellectual disability.

Support Networks

Through developing a support network, individuals with an intellectual disability have the opportunity to build stronger ties with new and existing relationships. Support network members bring unique perspectives; relational diversity, friendship, community connection and networking opportunities, as well as support and guidance in decision-making.

Assisted Decision-Making

Assisted decision-making occurs when an individual; with the assistance of their family and support network, draws from the experiences and knowledge of their life to make a decision. The benefits of assisted decision-making reflect respect for the individuals rights, experiences and personal will and preferences.

Benefits and Challenges to Building a Support Network

Want to learn more about Support Networks? Click on the picture to access our support network resource page and click on the links below for more information on the benefits and challenges of building a support network.

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Media and Resources

As the Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Pilot Project develops, we will be adding resources on peer networks, support networks, and assisted decision-making to our website. Keep checking back to see what we have added next!

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The Family Gathering Retreat

Event Date November 3 and 4, 2023

The Family Gathering Retreat is part of the Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Pilot Project. It is a unique opportunity for parents/caregivers of individuals with a developmental, intellectual disability and/or autism. We invite you to come together, connect with each other and learn some useful information. You all deserve a much needed break!

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The Family Gathering Retreat

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Community Engagements

The Community Based Assisted Decision=Making Pilot Project is travelling to communities throughout Manitoba to hear from families and self-advocates, build peer support networks and cultivate conversations about assisted decision-making and support networks. Keep an eye out on our calendar and on our partner organizations' Facebook pages for information on when we will be visiting a community near you. To request the 120 Maryland Group coming to your community, send us an email at cbadmproject@aclmb.ca.

Have Questions?

For more information on the Community Based Assisted Decision-Making pilot project send us an email at cbadmproject@aclmb.ca and we will be in contact to answer any of your questions.

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The Community Based Assisted Decision-Making Pilot Project is funded by the Government of Manitoba, Department of Families.


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